The ex- drove me down to Long Beach

and we saw Blink-182 – who were terrific, by the way – just three dumb skaters from San Diego who (for the exception of the drummer) aren’t very talented musically or other wise, but who write and sing happy little semi-punk songs.

And I don’t know who the fucked up people in the world are who don’t love America, and I’m not going to try to tell you What America Is To Me, but if someone saw me and chris the other night you might have gotten a good idea of what makes this country what it is. You had a white girl and a black boy in a honda eating mexican food in the parking lot of a rock show in long beach california where twenty minutes later, a dee jay from KROQ was about to lead the crowd of mostly-highschool kids into The Pledge of Allegiance.

I love America for lots of reasons, but I particularilly like it when, after the dee jay (the one above in the dress) fucked up The Pledge, they unmercilessly booed her literally off the stage.

I keep trying to tell you the kids are alright.

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