ashley surprised me last night

She and her friend from Beantown took a cab from Irvine to see me. Can you imagine the insanity?

Her friend goes to BU and I guess she had a few extra dollars to spare after tuition, and she has an ex-boyfriend who was staying at the Standard on the Strip so we ordered some Vitos and took a bus down Sunset and dropped her off and took a taxi home. Good thing, too, cuz she’s nearly as gorgeous as Ashley and none of the drunken slobs on the bus could keep their eyes off the girls.

Sorry I tell stories all inside-out, but when we were heading to the Standard, around Western, a real winner with a greasy bag full of Der Wienerschnitzel left-overs stumbled onto the bus prompting one of the tattooed gentlemen to get up and slam open a window. The girls were thrilled.

I love Los Angeles, have I told you this?

I do.

When were sitting on the bus stop waiting for that bus by my house, it was like 10:45 pm, I had talked to my mom earlier that evening and she told me it was six degrees below zero in Chicago and there I was taking pictures of two cute girls at a bus stop in Hollywood, warm, full, happy.

This astrological month has been a rollercoaster of emotions, and it’s not even close to being over.

I haven’t even told you that I have a new auction up where I will visit the winner’s site for a month, and somehow already it’s gotten nearly 900 looks.

Then yesterday, this site writing about Google Bombs chose to include me, don’t ask me why, I don’t know what it has to do with their topic, but the site looks mighty professional and they didnt call me any bad names or anything, so that’s pretty sweet.

Dane Carlson wrote about me last week, I don’t know if I told you about that, he said nice things, so who cares if I told you once before.

But probably my favorite link has got to be “Christophe Ducamp’s Radio Weblog” cuz it’s in French, and I’m mentioned in the same breath as professional writers, and excellent people, Matt and Emmannuelle.

Sorry I have no crazy stories that I’m willing to share, other than theres a box of a thousand dollars of lingerie hopefully being sent to my PO Box — long story — it’s not for me, but because I am providing the “anonymous” PO Box for this lovely young lady, she is going to let me keep 10% of the contents to disperse in any way I choose fit, so I’m sure there will be something fun to write about in the future.

In the meantime enjoy this weather Californians.

Two Californians that should be hailed: Morgan Freeman, our friend, not the former Electric Company actor, and Clipper Girl, who not only finished the LA Marathon, but dominated. Clipper Girl tore her quadracep in the 25th mile and gutted it out till the end, despite ripping off her big toenail and sufferring through a chaffing chest due to not enough vaseline and too much water being doused on her. And still she had a totally respectable time– especially being that it was her first marathon.

And Miss USA, congratulations. Maybe this will encourage Extra to correct their website. [update 4:20pm PST, Extra has taken down the photo of Miss Delaware from Miss Washington DC’s profile, but now they have put Miss DC’s picture on Miss Delaware’s page. More on this important story as it develops.]

PS. Yes, JC has flowed me with a buck, again. You’re something, man.