tsar is playing a secret show

at The Joint tonight at 11:59pm. Hells Belles is playing at the Knitting Factory.

I’m recovering from a night with Karisa. We went to a party at Rabbit‘s neighbor’s house where way more of the chicks liked chicks and candles lit the whole place. Even though all of the girls were beautiful (and excellent dancers) me and karisa were way more impressed with the Trader Joe veggie dip and the bottles of wine and rum in the kitchen.

For those of you who have tried to keep up with her, you’ll know why I’ve had to spend much of today replenshing myself with fluids.

RG has stoked me now three days in a row for the Snoop Fund, thanks bro.

Apparently Tsar will be showcasing a boatload of new tunes.

Apparently I will be sleeping on Sunday all day.