the terrorists have won

i have seen many things in these well-polished xbi halls, but today i have seen it all.

two girl scouts come to the front door, they want to sell us girl scoout cookies. we’re in a location that you would never expect an operation like ours to be in. one little girl has a Radio Flyer red wagon with her cookies. The other little girl has a damn baby stroller. she might look silly, but she’s able to carry way more boxes.

Jamie at the front door doesnt want to let them in, but as soon as the word gets out that theres girl scout cookies everyone runs to the door and yells at him to let them in.

But before he does it he takes the metal detector wand to the sweet little uniformed angels, makes them lift their arms out and passes the wand around them!

of course it goes off and of course they have a variety of things that they have to leave behind: safety pins, a pocket knife, and an Exacto blade!

when Jamie asked the sweet little one why she had the blade, she said, crying, as if she had done something wrong, “I saw it on the street and I didnt want anyone walking barefoot to step on it.”

And then he continued to pass the wand over her!

Artie’s shirt is now up to $275.