Who’s this kid with his mumbo jumbo

Living in air-conditioned limbo

Though they treat him just like a guest

He’s living under threat of arrest

Now that he’s finally trying to make some sense

He drinks in self-defense

Give me temptation

The subtle touch of authority will

Take you anytime down to the station

You say that it’s alright by me

Now you’re living with the curse of sophistication

Now that you’re shackled up to the rigmarole

With absolute control

I see you lying so wide awake

After I’ve given you all that you can take

So for heaven’s sake

Give me temptation

Still you want to succeed so badly

Finding your life will not be deadly

You tell me you can take it or leave it

Sometimes I think that you really believe it

You’re just itching to break her secret laws

As you go from claws to clause

Give me temptation

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