i know martina, i miss anna too.

but she’ll come back soon.

i know, baby, in a way shes my best friend too. i know shes your doubles partner. but shes sorta my doubles partner also.

life isnt the circumstances that happen to you, its how you handle those circumstances. so dont cry. not here. not in front of everyone.

shhh shhh shhh.

it’s okay.

youre both young and talented and rich and cocky and youre good for each other. i have no idea why you let her date guys like enrique even if it is a joke, but the joke has lasted long enough and if you wanted to get me jealous im jealous. i want her back as much as you do.

dont you think i want to make money off her ass too?

lets play a game martina. in her honor. it’ll be like a russian drinking game.

every time you miss her you take a shot of vodka.

or write a nice letter, or do twenty push ups, or pop in a tape a naughty tape. and then call me.

in fact why dont you do all those things in that order every time you miss her.

i know shes your best friend, but thats not really cheating.

the phone? please. you cant cheat over the phone, plus im not really her boyfriend.

technically enrique is her boyfriend. phhhhhttttttttthhhhhhh.

so go back to your game now, baby.

she’ll be back soon and she’ll be back better than ever.

i promise you.

3rd leg

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