it’s the first monday in november

and i don’t have any fucking clue what the hell is going on.

friday after work went to the laker game with a millionaire and two hot chicks in a luxury suite. after that went to ken and laura’s party dressed up as the white stripes guy again.

didn’t get to the party till nearly one a.m. moxie and welch picked me up in moxie’s porsche on the corner of vermont and fountain. don’t ask. just think about a guy in all red and a weird wig pacing on the corner not too far away where women and men dressed as women pace on a friday night looking at the cars. it wasn’t fun.

welch was dressed in a lime green jumpsuit. moxie just looked hot. i had a bottle of red under my arm but we headed over to the hollywood vons anyway to get a few more cases of beer and i picked up some bottles of bubbly. moxie got a carton of smokes for the kids back at laynes.

once we arrived at the layne casa everyone greeted me warmly. i have great friends. even though im trying only to smoke once a week instead of every day someone put a cigarette in my hand because that’s what jack always has in his hand, apparently. who cares. it was fun.

as emmanuelle describes so well ken was dressed as one of the dudes from harry potter. looked like a cross between a giant and a pirate. kate sullivan was the white stripes babe. my attorney was barbie and her boyfriend ken dressed as himself which made them barbie and ken.

my pal derek was dressed as a fishbowl with one fish floating on top.

he brought down good friends jen and don. i don’t know what don was supposed to be but jen made a very sweet lady bug.

in the front room basart pulled out the cds and we sang along. in the back room welch had a guitar and everyone sang along and in the back yard there was a guy with a ukulele who could play anything on ukulele so we sang smiths tunes and tenacious d tunes and violent femmes tunes next to a fire pit with rabbit and her beau.

cops or guys dressed as cops arrived at around 3:30am and someone opened the door and i snickered “gotta say trick or treat first, kids.”

cops asked the room, “who’s house is this?”

layne, all 6 foot 4 of him dressed as that giant pirate guy, big belly with a pillow in it, big beard with cigarette ashes in it, stomped in and said, “I LIVE HERE.”

it was pretty funny.

cops said, “blah blah blah, i know it’s saturday night…” and some knucklehead yelled, “it’s friday night.”

and eventually they left and basart turned back on the tunes and welch went back to playing tsar tunes in the back room and the ukulele guy played something else from the rich tapestry of our youth and i hope he gave moxie his number cuz she seemed to dig him.

marc brown was there and took a bunch of pictures that you can see here

kate gave me a ride home at 4:30am and at 4:31am i was naked asleep passed out in my bed alone with nothing other than my wig on.

saturday night ashley came over. sunday we watched football and then my old buddy chris called up and flowed us laker tickets and kobe dominated.

so needless to say, it was a fun but not very relaxing weekend.

yesterday i even busted with a photo essay

it could be better, but it is what it is, it’s called you know you’re right

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