***special announcement***

after heated debate due to popular demand, there will be a self-published Busblog Book celebrating the first year of your favorite blog.

Included in the collection of some of the best posts from the inaugural year of this blog, there will also be never before seen drawings, xbi stories, a handful of original poems, as well as some behind the scene photographs!

speculation of secret pirate maps are wild exaggerations. sigh.

Pre-orders of the yet-to-be-titled tome are now being accepted at a ridiculously low $10 + $4 s/h (shipping slightly higher for international orders).

Once the book is published (probably in a few weeks), the regular price will be $19 + shipping, so you are almost getting the book half price.

Winona agrees, this offer is a steal.

The numbered books will ship around Thanksgiving.

That means there are three ways to receive this historic book, which can be autographed at no extra charge:

1. Use paypal or credit card and secure your pre-order price now.

2. Wait until Thanksgiving and get the book at it’s regular price

3. If you are a friend of Tony’s email him your address and he will send it to you free of charge and this will be considered your Christmas gift.

The first twenty pre-orders will also receive a specially burned Christmas cd of some favorite holiday tunes.

We here at the busblog are very excited about this announcement, quite possibly the first book made exclusively of blog enteries. Please join the excitement by leaving a comment with what the title of the book should be.

If we use your title you will win these fabulous prizes: 1) a signed copy of the book 2) a mention in the title page 3) a copy of the Winona Ryder Christmas cd 4) a copy of the Eazy-E Christmas cd 5) a link on the busblog in a prominent location for several months.

so pre-order today, leave title ideas (make sure your email address is in the comment), be excelent to each other, leave more title ideas, and tell your friends!

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