mc brown has the low down

on the new quentin tarantino film that just happens to be filimg in marc’s garage. the same garage that moxie let me park her porsche halloween night.

did i tell you how ridiculously skinny that girl is? how tall those white patent leather boots were. how all the bums and crackheads of echo park just froze when she strutted down the street in her pink dress and the weis-ster on her arm?

everything revolves around marc though, you should start to learn this.

if the mc hadnt been the music director at kcsb in 89 grunge woulndta never happened and kurdt might still be alive.

speaking of which theres a girl who works here who has eyes like courtney that drives me crazy. she saw me in my baseball pants yesterday and i caught her taking a second look. i thought about asking for her number and then didnt go for it. then thought how cool it would have been to ask for a girls number while wearing a cubs hat and pinstriped baseball pants.

guess i’ll have to wait for that opportunity next week.

lets hope shes not married to a guitar god by then.

speaking of one degree of marc brown, he did the design for rupauls blog. and rupaul has recently seen “bowling for colunbine” and puts it on his top ten list for the year. which makes me wonder why siskel didnt partner up with ru when he was looking to fill gene’s seat.

it also reminds me that i really need to get that public access cable show “Bloggers” going and have ru be the weekly special guest star.

as in weekly.

since im thinking, i was thinking, why hasnt someone made an IMDB for music? all music guide is good, but it could be improved by like, a lot.

then i was thinking that theres not one all-encompassing place for entertainment news. like an Entertainment blog. some one might want to call it an E Blog.


then i was thinking that i love sksmiths writing. if she wrote a book i would buy it. i bet she could write a book pretty fast.

write a book, sksmith

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