subj: my adoring fan

date: 94-06-09 19:39:12 EDT

from: jenny677

to: gauchotony

hi boy. philly is the worst. but your letter was uplifting. the shonen knife thing was pretty cool for such a baaaaad band. sorry but i must dissent. i wish i had that huge beasties poster you do. i would style if i did. i spent 10 dollars on roach shit today– not cool. i still cant believe how not cool and not attractive marcus is. i intimidate him. i love it.

i saw a cute boy today, twice at two different places like 2 hours apart. must be fate. your letter was weird. why do you think i wouldnt like you if i saw you? that only happens with people who are uptight and stuffy like my ol pal marcus so how does that bulletin board thing here work? would you send me the # again? im absent minded.

still no word on the whereabouts of renee for the weekend and she isnt a bitch. shes just like me, only she is in med school. i wish you lived here. i would always go to your house cos mine has roaches.

i think its good for you to regulate with your giiiirls. most suck anyhow. why waste testosterone or whatever that is you have that makes you a man. i painted my nails now im feminine, but i did it while listening to rage because i never wanna be a girily. the singer for rage is sexxxeeeeeee.

everyone here is rich. too bad they all suck bad. how funny that money cant make you cooler. me i am wicked cool but no one gets to know me because there is like a 3 week trial period where i am impossible just cos i am and lots dont get past that. i think you did.

my stomach hurts. roach shit no doubt. my long distance bill is carazy and im gonna get in trouble when poppa gets a hold of it. god stomach hurts. my stomach is so cute. a little pudgy but i like it like that.

how can you love me when your ex and i are opposites? thats weird little boy. your gettin old you know that? me im young. i want to rock right now. i wanna boy so bad it gives me a headache. a tall boy with big clothes and big hands and nice breath. i feel icky. gotta lye.

bye boy who theoretically should be my soulmate.


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