hi tony, it’s me george bush.

you remember me, your president. ahahahahah god i love saying that.

yes, tony, despite what you want to believe, i am the president of the united states. no i didnt get the popular vote. no, not all the votes were counted. and yes, my brother and the supreme court helped suppress the counting of all the votes, tough shit little man, its time for you to get over it.

here i am with kristin and lauren from mad pony for the annual lithiuanian parade that they have each year here in oklahoma. wish you were here, motherfucker.

would you feel better if, as your public servant, i provided a service to your public?

okay, well, best thing that happened this week was miss resha came back. her site is beautiful as ever and the disturbance in the force has been rectified. reesha is my girl and im so glad to see my girl back where she belongs, showing us all how it’s done. and can you believe thats just a temporary layout? damn.

shes the brains behind kthnxbi, im sure you know.

anhywho, how come you havent updated listen missy’s link? we bug your house, you’re not that busy.

here… listenmissy.com …is that so hard?

by the way, why arent you more like this guy?

im sure if a nice girl like sarah was writing about you all the time, he would talk about her more. whats wrong with you?

you dont talk about ashley, you dont talk about anna, you dont talk about mariah, you dont talk about karisa or chris or jeanine or tsar. shit man all you seem to talk about is yourself.

i may be a complete failure as a human being, but i know a thing or two about giving the people what they want, and i dont mean referencing kinks records.

we intercept your emails. how come you dont write any dirty stuff? why dont you write hper romantic stuff?

why arent you telling everyone to read welch‘s sweet peice in the national post about v�clav havel? dont you think your readers are educated?

a bunch of hot shot bloggers were invited to my alma matter yale last week. since you didnt write about it why dont you lead people to the buzz machine? scroll drown and read all of his great notes on the blogger conference hosted by the law school. clean up your act, asswipe, and maybe you’ll get invited to one of those shindigs one day.

but dont count on it.


there were some cool insights noted from that conference. among lots of things, henry copeland reports that slate said that they are pretending that linking to something libelous could be argued as being libelous itself.

as if microsoft gives a shit about laws!

omg, that was the funniest thing ive ever seen.

how come you dont use blog ads?

why arent you writing for blogcritics?

you dont make art on your site, you dont really improve your blog much, even the production of your photo essays are slowing down. that busblog book of yours better be worth all of this.

okay well i gotta get some free food and get a nice tour of oklahoma from the gals.

thanks for spending all your energy giving me shit.

any time im on your site it just gives me more credibility.

love ya!


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