when the comments software goes down, i get tons of email

ashley misses me awwwwwDear Tony,

Why don’t you throw down more pictures of Karisa and some of the other babeages that you kick it with??? Does Ashley get jealous or somethin’? And hey, where’s her blog?


dear br,

karisa is pretty camera shy. the only time she really approves of pictures are when she’s drunk off her ass, or laughing her ass off.

ashley doesnt get jealous. she knows i have a lot of friends and karisa is just one of them. a special one, but look at her, you think a girl like karisa is going to find any interest in a fool like me?

ashley doesn’t have a blog, she has an open diary. and shes too hot and too young to be interested in me. read her, you’ll see.


If I were, say, a poor high school senior without a credit card and wanted to buy a book, how would *that happen…

Dylan M.


i know you high school kids can get your hands on a credit card. you kids can do anything. thats why i love you all so.

how many non-high school bloggers, adults, if you will, write as much about teen blogs in complimentary ways like i do? how about none. how many of them write about cam girls in serious ways. zip. your generation can do whatever it wants. im sure you can figure out how to get this silly little book.

im also sure your mom would be happy to flow you the digits for a book of fine literature like what we’re talking about here.

but if you really really really can’t. send me an email and i’ll give you a po box that you can mail a check to.


How many books you sell so far?


hi irv,

not that it’s anyone’s business, but we’ve hit 25 preorders sold. i think that’s pretty cool.





dear pb,

generally i only link sites that i like.

i like my readers and i dont want to send them somewhere horrible.

heres some ways that you can get linked though. put my link at the top of your list. have something interesting to say. put up a picture that no one else has.

it also helps if you kiss my ass or rave about Tsar.

Yo T-Dawg,

What’s your feeling about my busblog title? What titles are on your short list?


dear cm,

so far i like, in no order of preference

1. Blook

2. hi blog, hi tony

3. I Shoulda Gone To Prague

4. Nude Descending A Staircase

5. I wrote this book by accident

6. smoke break

7. Dude, Where’s my Blog

keep the titles coming.


Did you see what Soundbitten wrote about you today?

Just checkin in.

Mc P

mc p,

i sure did. i love it.

as in LOVE.


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