i dont usually go to blogger panel

discussion thingies, but this one is in Chinatown, and you cant beat that.

Plus it will star the Inventor of Blogger, Evan Dando, or Evan something, who looks like kd lang in his picture, maybe he sings pretty too.

Plus it will star the mighty Doc Searls who pulls the ladies much better than I do.

Plus it stars the inventor Boing Boing, Mr. Mark Frauenfelder which kicks ass.

Plus it stars the super foxy amazonian Reverse Cowgirl who hopefully has some black and white glossys that she will be signing with ruby red lipstick with sparkles of glitter.

and if that wasnt enough, it also stars my long lost lust the Rabbit, Heather H. who hopefully can break out of her shell and form an opinion about something… anything.

organized by xeni and beverly tang!

attended by vous?

blog panel LA in Chinatown!

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