ive noticed that a lot of most backward ass countries

where the men keep down the women are also the countries where people have to gather firewood and hay to fuel their homes. not like i have any advice for these third world governments, but maybe i do.

fellas: maybe if you let your babes do more than raise your children, cook, clean, and carry bales of hay, they could help you figure shit out so that you wouldnt have to use hay any more.

whatever. we have enough problems in america what with $2 per transaction if i want to pull $20 out of an ATM, ridiculous gasoline prices, and the fact that i can’t get a McRib at McDonalds unless im having a lucky day.

So let’s instead turn this post over to a dear friend who i dont talk about enough on here who we will call Sally who writes in today to tell me about her weekend and at the same time invites me over to take a cruise on her 40 foot sailboat.

morning, tony!!! how are you doing this morning? i just got in at 9:30 b/c i had the worst. sleep. ever. i don’t know if it was the red wine or the steak that i had last night, but i woke up with the worst night sweats- like my bed was soaked! that hasn’t happened in a long time. so i was basically up every 1/2 hour last night! ugh!

so how was your weekend? i see that there was another blogger party? you guys are so funny!!! how was it? and what is up with that story about the chic? is any of that true, tony??? 😉 tell me!!! im sure most it was. oh shit was that my gf steph who i hooked you up with!? she did have a mighty big smile this morning.

you fucker!

i went out on friday to this cool club in the bev-1-9er called ‘joya’- it was so much fun!!! lauren knew some chic who knew some dudes and we got to get a table and were drinking vodka and dom perignon. lauren was getting hit on by wesley snipes and i ran into kevin from the backstreet boys- it was pretty funny. it was a lot of fun dancing there- they played really good music.

on saturday, lauren, ted & i went to lunch at swingers, then went to the funky tea house, then shopping on melrose (me- window shopping, of course). then later on we went to this hopping club nacionale- it also was very cool! i liked it a lot- but i swear you have to be like the president to get in the place!!! it was nuts!

yesterday, i had to come into work actually…. then hung out with my friend abdi. we had dinner at this cool place and drank wine, played scrabble and watched the grammys.

i am definitely in rehab for the rest of the week.

can we please hang out VERY soon? tomorrow maybe? i know it might rain, but i have foul weather gear and it’s always so much fun having some spiced cider or irish coffee after sailing in the rain.

i miss you!!!

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