last night saddam said he wanted

to have a conversation with george bush.

where im from we would have said that bush was “called out.”

from what i got from saddam’s interview with dan rather on “60 Minutes II” last night, saddam seems to think that if he could work out a “debate” live, unedited, via satalite, he could convince the world that the US is wrong about Iraq. but what he was really saying is George Bush is a liar, and too damn dumb to be able to have a simple conversation about why Iraq shouldnt be bombed to hell.

Translator For Saddam Hussein: If– the American people– would like to know the facts for what they are, or as they are, through a direct dialogue, then I am ready to conduct a direct dialogue with the President of the United States, President Bush, on television. I will say whatever I have to say– about American policy. He will have– the opportunity to say whatever he has to say about policy of Iraq. And this will be in front of all people, and– on television, in a direct�uncensored � hon – honest manner. In front of, as I said, everyone.

And then they will see what the facts are, and where falsehoods are. And I would not object to see this dialogue conducted on– by– by Mr. (UNINTEL).

Rather: Are you speaking about a debate?

This – this is new. You– you are suggesting, you are saying, that you are willing, you are suggesting, you’re urging a debate with President Bush? On television?

Translator For Saddam Hussein: Yes. That’s my proposal.

Rather: Well, that’s an interesting…

This is not a joke.

Translator For Saddam Hussein: No, this is something proposed in earnest. This is proposed out of my respect for the public opinion of the United States. And it is out of my respect to the people of the United States. And to the people of Iraq. And in– out of my respect to mankind in general. Humanity at large. I call for this, because war itself is not a joke. Whoever chooses war as the first choice in his life, then he is not a normal person. I think the – the debates would be an opportunity for us to insure peace and safety.

where i come from, if some dude says that your choices are not ones of “a normal person,” thats called a dis.

right there saddam dissed the president of the united states and a lot of its citizens.

but in a twisted way, he’d doing the perfect thing. he knows he cant win any war against the US. but he’s gambling that GWBush live isnt smart enough to substantiate this war. i think it’s beautiful because i dont trust either of these men. but who wouldnt want such a debate on live tv? and why on earth wouldnt the US want the opportunity to state their case verbally, show proof, and then follow it up with force?

60 Minutes II reported that White House officials dismissed Saddam’s offer, saying Saddam wasnt serious.

Rather: Mr. President, where would this debate take place, that you imagine– what would be the venue?

Translator For Saddam Hussein: It will be in a place, as President of the United States, and Saddam Hussein will be in a place as President of Iraq. And then the debate can be conducted through satellite.

Rather: Oh. So, a satellite television debate. Live.

Translator For Saddam Hussein: And if Mr. Bush has another proposal, a counterproposal with the same basic idea then we’re prepared to listen to such a proposal.

Rather: Would you be prepared to come to the United Nations for this debate?

Translator For Saddam Hussein: The basic thing is that as far as debate to be heard in the natural, normal– in a (UNINTEL) accurate manner. In the United Nations, voices are not heard. Not always. And I do not mean that I go and I make a speech at the United Nations and then that Bush will make his speech at the United Nations. That is not what I mean. What I mean is that we sit– as we are sitting, you and I, now as– Here is– I will address questions to him and he will address questions to me. The position of Iraq and he will – the position of the United States.

He will explain why � �I will (UNINTEL) go to war.� I will explain why we are insistent on peace and we want to maintain peace.

Sounds good to me.

I dont see what would be so bad about seeing what the two leaders have to say to each other. Saddam said a lot of stupid things, like maintaining that he was elected by a majority, and when he said that Iraq didnt lose the Gulf War. Why’s Bush afraid that Saddam wouldnt be equally foolish on live tv?

Maybe it’s because GW knows that he has everything to lose by going on tv against Saddam, and nothing to lose if he just bombs the f out of Iraq.

It’s not like Bush is gonna get re-elected or anything.

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