one reason no respectable newspaper has hired me

is because i am a sloppy, lazy, ill-informed fiction writer, which is why i clearly state that “nothing in here is true.”

but sometimes it is nice to set the record straight.

And in a stunning display of indifference, the world ignored me when I blogged it at 9:28pm. So, the speed of information distribution really means nothing if the information gets posted where no one is watching.

– lago


In your list of how the news spread, you forgot me…I posted at 2/16/2003 12:30:30 AM EST…9:30P your time…20 minutes after Ev…then quickly emailed Rick Bruner….

So even though I am an obscure little advertising blog…I did break it before all the big guys:-)


i also didnt properly thank Beverly and Xeni who hosted the event and invited me. thank so much!

and special thanks to

28. Xeni

who flowed the busblog ten bucks to the car fund. muchas gracias!

this weekend,

27. wKen and

26. adam also flowed, so thanks to you, too, gentlemen. and also thanks to the dude who handed over a real one dollar bill and gave it to me right out front the blogosphere door following the event.

that, i could get used to.

Ev’s big announcement (pictured, thanks to Reverse Cowgirl) made me think that i should just keep this drive going until i get exactly what i want, which might not happen come christmas 2003. ev waited until the time was totally right and what happened seemed to be the perfect fit. i think i might wait until the proper funds are reached and no sooner.

katie saw me at the mall.

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