people have been pretty nice about the bald head.

little did i know it would give me so much material for witty comebacks.

why did you cut off your hair?

1. bored

2. got in a fight with a skinhead.

3. to protest the war.

4. cuz i was sick of girls lusting me for my ‘fro.

5. i wanted to look more mexican

6. cuz i hate the attention that my afro gave me.

7. why should cancer patients have all the fun?

8. cuz its trendy.

9. cuts a whole ten minutes off my morning routine.

10. cuz this one chick said she’d do me.

11. cuz my barber was in a hurry.

12. cuz i wanted to make you smile.

13. cuz im not dorky enough.

14. trying to keep it real.

15. i told myself that when i turned 100 i would do it and i flaked.

16. the girls now cant stop looking at me.

17. cuz George Bush would never do it.

18. to protest the Tribune’s unfair treatment of the Cubs

19. wanted to see if the ladies would want to feel my head if i did.

20. tired of sex

funny thing happened last night. businessman came near the elevator, suit, tie, briefcase. couldnt have been dressed any better.

he sees me in the far elevator and takes a step towards it, then sees my shaved head and stops in his tracks and presses the button of a different elevator.

very interesting.

i liked it.

of course i waved him into my elevator and kept the door open for him.

until he got close and then the doors hit him as he walked in.

f the man.

got home and totally enjoyed the lakers double overtime victory over the rockets despite not having shaq.

mark madsen, the ming stopper. who knew?

31. brett lamb

32. blackmask online

how to be hip

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