saw a job description for someone who “gets it” about the Internet

i really want to apply for the job (it involves much more than I have revealed so far) but I’m not so sure that I really get it about the Internet.

I think the Internet is our savior.

seems to me that when people believed in it, the economy boomed, people were happy, i was getting laid with much more frequency, we were able to live in relative peace, we had a democrat leading the nation (sucessfully) (and her husband wasnt doing to bad either), and my hair was doing way better than ever.

sure some of it was hype, but a lot of it wasnt. and i really dont want to get into it much, but when this country wants to put its resources behind something, it is always a success.

so do i get it about the Internet?

not sure. i get it that people can make money on it if theyre selling smut. i think i get it about blogging. i totally get it about fantasy sports, buying tickets online, downloading music, and using online auctions.

but are people buying computers and signing up for broadband so that they can get their news online? no. but if it’s there and it’s good, will people go to it on the regular?

who knows.

i know that a lot of you come here on the regular, and for that im so appreciative you dont even know.

the sultry Reverse Cowgirl has some updates on the Blogger Panel dealio going on, including ways for you, yes, you, to see this thing on a Webcast.

thats right, if you are not lucky enough to be in Los Angeles this weekend, but you would like to see the all-star panel talk about the future of life as we know it, you need go no further than your very own computer.

Click here to find out the details!

In other news, i dont have a valentine.


and the only girls who seem to have any interest in me are either total jailbait or barely legal.

the question is, is that bad news?


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