today is my mom’s 27th birthday


so my brother in law flowed me with some air miles, and my sister set it up, and last night after my hot date left, karisa showed up and drove me to the airport and i took the redeye first class here to chicago.

a stretch limo was waiting for me outside the baggage claim at o’hare, sent by my sister, and i rode in luxury to the town that i grew up in and had the limo drop me off at the elementary school behind my sisters house, and i walked through the playground. my brother in law and sister saw me, let me in the house, invited my mom over for breakfast and we all yelled suprise and my mom said, i cant believe youre here.

i said, i cant believe im here either.

i dont think ive been to chicago since the great fire.

mabe not that long but its been a while.

it’s nice here. it’s good to see everyone. it’s weird but not that weird.

my sister has a cute daughter and lots of dogs.

my mom is telling me funny stories about the racism that is happening in my old town.

my brother in law is in the basement working on the plasma tv that they just got.

its a pretty normal american family.

maybe its normal for canadians too, i guess you guys will have to tell me, those of you from up there.

right now the old english sheepdog, twinkie has climbed up on the leather couch and put his ass near my ear to position himself so he could put his head on the arm rest. then he laid down. sheryl crow is playing on the adult contemporary station. the other dogs are sliding around the hardwood floors.

the sun is shining.

the cubs are only a game and a half out.

im the luckiest man alive, and today i get to share a special day with the best mom ever.