have i told you the xbi is insane?

it is.

this morning i esped to myself i’ll send and s.o.s to the world

i hope that someone gets my

i hope that someone gets my

i cant believe how fast time flies here though. before you know it its lunch time and before you know it its time to go home. i do my fair share of over time, everyone does, but none of us want to. we just want to go home at the end of the day to our wives and girlfriends and mistresses and tivos.

im thinking about celebrating the opening day of football on sunday with a little bbq, but i dont know. im thinking about picking up street and smith football. im thinking about shaving all my hair off again.

im not thinking straight.

what does my astrology have for me this week?

Libra Horoscope for week of September 4, 2003

Promise me that you will never use astrology as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for your decisions. Always keep in mind that the planets don’t determine your fate. It�s true, however, that analyzing their positions can help you know when and how to clarify your choices.

For instance, my reading of the current omens suggests to me that if you continue to let things slide, if you keep postponing action, you’ll fall under the spell of a funky malaise. If, on the other hand, you bolster your commitment to what you love, you’ll not only ward off debilitation — you’ll feel more robust than you have in a long time.

Rob Brezney

i dont know what that means. what am i letting slide? i am nothing, i have nothing, there is nothing to let slide.

i do need to work on the links to the left there, am i letting that slide too much? ok, done. i will work on that tonight.

work-wise im up-to-date. arent i?

date-wise, i have nothing. am i letting something slide over there? i dont think so. am i?

oh, astrology youre so confusing sometimes. i dont want to fall under the spell of any funky malaise.

hell, i already feel like im in a funky malaise.

maybe i just need a diet dr. pepper.

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