i dont think most of you understand,

this thing isnt supposed to look like this, its not supposed to read like this, its not supposed to be like this. its supposed to be punk rock and edgy, arty and poetic, sexy and surreal, scary and hairy and all kinds of weird turned into weirder still.

and all the fly ladies are supposed to throw their virtual panties while the cash money millionaires offer me better deals than the next.

but i’ll take what is instead. which is this. and by this i mean the busblog writing something true and good and real and surreal and weird and wonderful and sexy and hopeful and ideal and rockin and beautiful.

the cubs made it.

today they slammed the door on the central and they said fuck houston, fuck st. louis, and fuck pittsburg with a doubleheader sweep.

as if it werent a thing.

theres two ways i could handle this. i could do what i did all year and try to play it cool, or i could write about the cubs every day like you know i should.

after the game karisa invited me over to eat some of her homemade clam chowdah.

it was pretty damn good.

what the cubs did today they havent done in 14 years. that means some of the girls ive dated lately were 5 years old the last time my team was in the playoffs. my shit is so wrong.

best part of karisas chowder was the bacon. nice little tasty morsals. how ya gonna beat that.

for her sake i hope the redsox make it to the world series against the cubs.

and i hope it gets to a seventh game, cuz everyone knows that the last four times the sox were in the world series they lost in the seventh game. but thats mean.

wouldnt mind taking on the yankees either.

but first its the might hotlanta braves. a team that took four out of six from the cubbies during the regular season.

but you know what.

fuck atlanta who always rolls over in rocktober anyway and then bring on the giants.

the way wont be easy

but it will be good.

prior sosa


and wood.

bad dream theater + life with mikey + jason sutter

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