i heard it from a reliable source

that theres a madpony who is no longer attatched. a sorority girl who no longer has a boyfriend. oh to be single and living in oklahoma again.

i wonder how long our girl will wait to start dating again? she was with her man for as long as ive known her – which is coming close to a year now, my time flies – and im pretty sure they were together well before then.

some people wait years to get back into the ring and i dont recommend that. life is short. romance is supposed to be a good part of our lifestyle, a nice bonus that seperates us from the bananna slugs. and i plead guilty to moping after splitting with most of my exs, but after i broke up with my last long term girlfriend of many years i was out dating immediately, and it helped. and i now see that it is the way.

neither of us considered it an insult to our relationship, and none of it diminished my affection to my true love.

i can say that im not totally happy with kristin being surrounded by all those frat boys, but maybe frat boys today are different than how they were when i was standing in line for the keg back at the end of the century. lets hope theyre better fellas out there.

but i trust her judgement. why not? one of the best things about blogs is you can go back in the archives and see how people have changed and grown and how their thinking might have developed and what ideas theyve stuck with, and far as i can tell kristin is still the sweet young woman we’ve all fallen for since she started her blog with her sister way back in ’02, and of the two kristin is the one who stuck to writing about her life regularilly and smartly.

bonus points for sticking to it.

in her second-to-last post she gave several tips to college freshmen as they enter their new lives.

i have more than a few tips for the college kids and i’d say on the top of the list is to do like what kristin did, and not be afraid to break up with boyfriends/girlfriends when youre in college. im not saying dont try to work things out, definately do that, but if you really arent into it anymore breaking up is the best thing you can do for yourself and your sweetie – especially when youre surrounded for the last time in your life by people your age doing almost exactly what youre doing.

college should be a place where dating and meeting people is at its easiest, which isnt to say that it will be easy, but it only gets harder once you leave the friendly confines of your campus.

with that said, if youre a guy, ask out every girl you get a crush on. your odds of them saying yes are far greater than when youre 26 and serving them mudslides at the TGIF. and trust me, thanks to our president, most of you are going to take that college degree and still end up working at the damn TGIF, so take that betty to the movies and if she says no, ask her roommate.

as for you, ladies, say yes in college. you have the rest of your lives to play hard-to-get. games are for game nights when youre sitting around your condo with the rest of your single girlfriends smoking american spirits, drinking white wine and realizing youre creeping closer to 30 and you’ve never been with a hundred-year-old. believe it when you hear that college is the best time of your life.

and then make it so.

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