if you ever catch me bitching again, tell me to knock it off.

if you ever see me mopey or whiney or bashful or sleepy, remind me who i am and what time it is and what my role is in this divine comedy, its not that of which ive been playing.

i live one of the most blessed lives of anyone. ive waltzed through this slam dance with the greatest of ease. the good lord even found me a way to get a college degree without grades or finals or tests. i have been in the public eye in one manner or another with tremendus approval. i started and ran my own business for years, employed friends, and quit cuz it was too easy and cuz money isnt everything.

this town is warm. its gorgeous. its full of life. and its mine.

every band comes through here, and the best band, the house band, are my friends. how often does that happen. if youre me, always. and the rest of my friends, pretty much all here, all cool, all rocking.

im depressed because the golden snoop deville of love hasnt rolled up next to the subway stop as the virgins dance and the midgets throw confetti and the elephants stand on their hind legs.


have i lost my fool mind?

meanwhile, in real life, i actually do have a cool job, and i am important to the process, and i am respected, and liked, and the chicks are hot, man. fuck! and being hollywood theres celebs everywhere, and thats sorta a thrill when you least expect it, which i like. and i can wear sneakers and shorts if i wanna.

and then theres all of you. whoever you are. and this, whatever this is. the biggest bonus for me off the internet since napster. like the dude said in american pie, God bless the Internet. ive gotten to work for two awesome startups thanks to the http, and the biggest company in the world. ive gotten to travel, and write and talk and teach people about the coolest newest thing on the journey of mankind.

how can i bitch when a third of this planet has to walk somewhere to get to their water supply and ive got tivo.

yes im old. as fuck. but i look good for my age. and all of my parts work fine.

not everybody has all their parts workin fine. so be thankful if you do, ingrates.

my buddy chris called me yesterday to tell me he had an extra white stripes ticket for me in section a, and still i had the nerve to wake up this morning and decide that i was going to be a grumpy little bitch all day because the playmate the mansion was sending over was running a little late as she was painting her toenails extra special for my black ass. and there i was looking at my tag like a yuppie and tapping my feet.

i shoulda been in that crazy train in disneyland.

so anyways, im sorry for listening to the demons too closely

their song i guess sucked me in

sunday theres football, i know, im a dope

and on encore is lord of the rings

bing + true + katie

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