people say nice things to me every day.

youd think id get better at accepting compliments, but today someone very nice said something very very nice and i said, i hope youre not lying.

tonight is the first night of survivor. one of my favorite shows. they threw everyone off the boat with their clothes on.

after they swam to shore, built their shelter, etc., this man, a very funny bearded hippy guy in his late 40s had one of the young ladies cut her dress in half so he could make a skirt with the bottom portion.

after he put on the skirt he hung his wet jeans on a tree branch and said, im never wearing those pants again.

i cant believe tomorrow is friday already.

i cant believe that finally a democrat stood up soberly,

raised his hand,

and when pointed at

called bullshit.

and i really cant believe

it was a kennedy.

but i can believe that the kennedy story has been up since 5pm, and here it is 7 hours later and drudge would rather lead you to hurricane stories, articles on how the new dem candidate – the general – would have backed the iraq war, and stories on how a woman sued after finding a tooth in her soup, and how another woman got $150k for a bad haircut. but he’s not going to tell you about one of the most famous democrats alive calling out the president

for fraud.

thats not interesting news, matt drudge?

what about the fact that kennedy speculated that the president of the united states was stealing up to $2 billion a month to bribe foreign countries to send troops to iraq.

seems to me that some readers might be even mildly curious as to why the elder statesman would accuse our president of such crimes.

are you waiting to hear what rush wants to say about it first?

towel boy to the rich.

theres always a time to sell out, of course,

but when you do it,

dont call yourself a journalist.

moxie + leah + emmanuelle

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