people want to know who won the gubernatorial debate last night.

the terrorists won.

if there are any terrorists alive, theyre laughing at us.

and they should. this debate convinced me that i need to vote, and i need to vote for arnold.

why? because the ship is going down. because the right is dragging us down with them. because reagan bush taught us that you dont have to be qualified to run and win and do terribly and nobody will care. and because clinton gore taught us that you dont have to be qualified to run and win and do wonderfully and nobody will care or defend you. so if i have to have a clown lie to me and fuck up, may as well be one who smoked weed before jumping into an orgy.

not that television isnt more entertaining than ever.

do you know the cubs are in first place, and they were yesterday too?

my true love called me today and i told her some nasty things that i wanted to do to her and she ignored me which i love. then she asked me about the white stripes concert and i told her that i saw her old boss in the front row and she said yeah and then i told her that the cubs won today 8-0 to stay in first place.

and she said, wait, your cubs?

and i said yeah.

and she said theyre seriously in first place?

and i said, yeah, i know, weird huh?

and it is dreamlike and dreamy and unreal and unbelieveable. its a dream come true. more than i expected. the happiest accident and the answer to our prayers.

three dynamite pitchers and two monster powerhitters.

prior wood zambrano.

and then shawn estes today shut out the reds.

like in dating, pitching is 90 percent of the game. that means the cubs have the edge in pretty much any matchup from houston to boston.

this very well might be the year

and if they do it, terrorism will be forgotten. we will be able to go back to how we once lived: carefree and trusting.

sepi’s birthday gift arrived today and for that i thank her, but if only i could ask for a cubs world series ring off my amazon wishlist.

meanwhile i will vote for the terminator and enjoy the show.

trueboy + linda + ken layne at his best

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