well it doesnt look like im going to get the job.

the dude let me know yesterday and was real nice about it and even set me up with a contact of some other people.

it was my dream job and for some reason i really thought i was going to get it.

i dont tell you about my real life much, but i will today, cuz its a special day.

this summer it looked like i was going to have a chance to fly a chopper for the real hawaii 5-0. live in maui, wear an aloha shirt, and make the beaches safe in our 50th state.

maybe talking about it to some of my friends jinxed it but i dont believe in jinxes.

i do believe that dream jobs dont always happen when you expect them. just like how dream-anythings dont always happen just because you send off a few emails to your dream-place.

most of the coolest things that have happened to me happened despite the fact that i was trying to do something else.

i remember when my true love wanted to have sex with me for the second time ever. i didnt want to. i wanted to have sex with a different girl. my true love said, have a drink with me. i said, no. she said, come on, just a drink? i said ok. and then she got me drunnk and had wonderful sex with me and we were together for five years.

then there was the time that i didnt want to see Star Wars. i was a kid. i saw the ad on tv and it looked lame to me. then i went and it blew me away. i remember being little and right in the middle of the movie closing my eyes and saying a quickie little prayer to the lord saying thank you God thank you!

then there was the time that i didnt want to go to ucsb. i went to the campus, i looked around, and it looked crappy. plus they didnt have any good sports teams at the time. i wanted to go to ucla. i had gotten accepted into both of them. back then i was pumping gas in beverly hills and if i saw a ucla sticker on someones car id ask them how they liked it there and theyd say, oh its great. then i would ask someone with a ucsb sticker how they liked it there and they would say OMG IT WAS THE BEST TIME IN MY DAMN LIFE. and they would write down a phone number or ten of people they know there who i should befriend. so i went to ucsb and now im the one who says omg.

so all these lessons have taught me that i should just go with the flow. which i pretty much do. and if i have to hang out in hollywood surrounded by all my friends then i guess thats what i’ll have to do.

the hawaii 5-0 were even nice enough to give me a lead for a different job that would probably double the salary that i have now and allow me to be way more creative than i get to be in my paying gig, and you know what, God bless them for being that cool. rarely do you get that sort of treatment here in the mainland.

they said that there might be a chance in the future to fly one of their birds for them, but to remember that island time is a much slower clock than anywhere else and i can deal with that.

so last night me and karisa sat on one of the L’s in the hollywood sign, far above the clouds, and tried to think of ideas on how to make the rest of this calendar year liveable. first thing she suggested was that i come out with a sequel to last years best selling Blook. then she said that i should start dating some new girls. then she said that i should probably just scrape together some of my savings and suck it up and get a car.

then she passed me the 40 and said, but you know what, why dont you just keep doing what youre doing cuz its really great.

then we went to her house and she made a whole chicken and we watched the queer guys.

cubs won.

oliver willis + leah + katie hall

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