why on earth would this sweet little twelve year

old princess be crying on her wedding day?

could she be bawling over the raiders and how sloppilly theyve played this year and especially today.

is she nervous about the mighty bravos and the sheff and javy and chipper and the professor.

do you think that shes depressed that she only has five percent of the likely voters pledged to her in the california governors race?

its a plus or minus three percent, i tell her, but she just keeps crying and fingering her garter belt.

teenage princess bride to bes are nothing if not fussy.

rock that outkast she whispers and i find the remote and play her song.

its happy.


full of words that bounce right past us, could be calling for the revolution for all anyone knows but the melody is about beach parties and summer camp.

her dad doesnt care that she doesnt really know the boy five years her elder who do we really know he thinks and its true, who do we really know.

they tell her to go over there so she goes over there. they tell her to smile and she smiles and then she sees that the place is packed and she says fuck this in romanian and runs out like any sane twelve year old princess bride would.

white trail of freedom dancing right behind her.

still has some baby teeth.

not even

a teen.

but old enough to know

what forever means.

makeout city + alecia + circa 77

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