you know what i love about betsey johnson?

she really doesnt give a fuck.

she stays so true to her heart and works and works and works and couldnt care less about trends or fads or styles or online polls.

other designers pretend that they’re like that too, but theyre not.

in betseys shadow lurk a hundred liars.

but the best thing about her is she never comes off as proud. she wont tell you all the different ways shes kicking your ass. she wont rub her freedom in your nose. she wont show you her bottom line. when she smiles, you get it. when she laughs, it’s real.

and she smiles and she laughs all the time.

at her worst she’ll inspire cyndi lauper circa 1983, at her best she will inspire madonna circa 1984, so be careful.

nyc and yet like totally 80s valley girl. and funky, and neon, and bra straps, and lacey.

betsey puts the fun back into sexy and this sort of sexy isnt for everybody, trust me, i dated real valley girls in the 80s cuz im a million years old and not every girl looked good in two bras and frilly shorts.

i like betsey johnson because she coulda sold out so long ago, but she hasnt. she is bright yellow and bright pink and bright red and bright everything and if you see some of a girls underwears underneath her peekaboo skirt thank betsey cuz she told the girls it’s not only ok, but it’s fun, of course it’s fun.

of course it’s fun.

trucker hat, red lipstick, crazy necklaces, cartwheels, bracelettes, and funny fingernail polish. and heels. and short little socks. and blue fishnets.

betseys clothes let the woman be sexy, they dont make the woman be sexy.

im in love with her daughter, lulu.

betsey was first discovered by andy warhol. of course.

she made clothes for the velvet underground in the summer of 69 and shes still more punk rock than anyone in fashion.

and whats more punk rock is she has 41 boutiques world wide. for your ass.

and racks of clothes in every good department store.

and if you think thats a sellout, you dont know fashion.

twisted fans + lura + muscle68

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