can you believe what a beautiful morning this is?

i cant. im loving this do drugs no problem policy that the republicans have just ushered in.

thank you, republicans.

this might convince me to become a republican, like most of my readers are.

i think i have always been clear about this, but maybe not, so let me repeat myself: this drug war is a load of bullshit aimed to keep the poor poor, the cops rich and too powerful, and the minorities in prison.

zero tolerance is fascist.

everyone knows that. thats why rush wont have his mansion confiscated for having thousands of illegally-gotten pharmacuticals, which if found on a brotha, the brotha would have a possession and an intent to distribute rap against him, and all his shit would get taken away from him, including, cash, cars, and whatever else the cops wanted to say he got through his dealing.

the leader, president, senator, political party that finally calls bs on the bs and releases the “criminals” who were popped with victimless crimes like possession, or use, will get my allegiance.

the rest of the two faced lying hypocrites, like rush, and bush who chose yesterday to stand out on a limb with his hateful mouthpiece, can eat it.

rush has obviously proven that prescription narcotics are far more addictive and destructive than the medical marijuana that he was against us giving cancer patients and the terminally ill here in california. therefore if the so called Drug Czar wants to target a dangerous drug trend he needs to look no further than those who abuse prescribed medications and illegally obtain them.

otherwise the Drug Czar is just a hypocrite and an extension of the racist system.

meanwhile the cubs are going to beat the shit out of the braves.

read how Rush, this morning, did not deny that he is a dirty lying drug addict.

dawn + raspil + jack bog

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