even though karisa is all on his jock

i cant stand affleck. i hate that he has my girl, i hate that he has everything, and i hate that he gets a plasma tv at his fingertips at his first base box seats at the clemens vs pedro game, with my girl.

and of course i hate his matty clement goatee.

only thing worse than affleck is matt drudge licking the wounds of rush limbaugh.


Drudge on the cable talk show “Buchanan & Press,” 10/10/03

BILL PRESS: Matt Drudge just about out of time, I’ve got to jump in. You mentioned Rush believes. One of his beliefs he’s stated over and over again as anybody into drugs, anybody into drug use, anybody into drug sales– the harshest treatment, “send them up” the river Rush says. After this experience do you think he might have a little softer, more liberal attitude about people who get hooked on drugs?

DRUDGE: I think he is being sent up the river and I think we’ll see him paddle back down. On this, there’s no law against being a hypocrite a few times in your life. And this industry is built on hypocrisy! Like I said I’m challenging the media tonight to empty their pockets!

Exactly which industry is Drudge saying is built on hypocrisy?

Certainly not journalism.

The War on Drugs Industry?

Fuck Matt Drudge. I hope he gets lockjaw.

In his attempt to turn the tables on “the media” who has had to put up with being under the same umbrella as Drudge and Rush, he basically calls his boyfriend a hypocrite in such a manner to suggest that its ok to be one now.

So the Republican party, via the next governor of california, has said that it’s ok to:

have a dad who was a nazi

have nazi friends who you invite to your wedding

use steroids

grope women and humiliate them

smoke weed

not vote

have no ideas

engage in orgies

And now the Republicans are saying, via Drudge and Rush, that it’s also ok to:

be a drug user as long as you call it medication

run from the law, the press and the parents into rehab once the national enquirer corners you (even though youve gone to rehab twice, and it failed)

go deaf from your drug abuse

not claim responsibility for being a long-term druggie, while supporting the war on drugs

be a bigass hypocrite

blame the “medication” and not the man

sutter + ev + blogger party i missed this weekend cuz the cubs game/party went late

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