forget what happened tonight in chicago.

what happened today in california is the answer for what will happen in chicago later this month.

today we learned, more than ever, that anything is possible.

that it doesnt matter if you talk funny, or look funny, or have a freaky looking wife. it doesnt matter if you have no experience whatsoever, and it doesnt matter if your poppi was a nazi.

likewise it doesnt matter if you give up nine runs in the first game of a best of seven series, tonight we were reminded that anything can happen.

a bodybuilder is the new governor of my state.

i dont know why im surprised, a used car salesman is the commissioner of baseball.

life isnt fair.

if life was fair i wouldnt be buying condoms in bulk off ebay.

or getting marriage proposals in my email.

if life was fair the lakers wouldnt have shaq malone payton george and fisher on the court right now, with mj thinking about calling it a comeback.

in some ways im very happy about what happened in california politics today, because it will mean that ones past doesnt matter And if one doesnt have any ideas that doesnt matter either. it doesnt matter if a candidate is an admitted pot smoker, orgist, or womanizer.

it doesnt matter if a guys dad is a storm trooper, his wife is a democrat, or that he is a rotten actor

all that matter is that when you run

run republican

and everything will be forgiven.

cubs will be back tomorrow and they wont give up nine runs again.

and the fairy tale will go back to chicago

where it belongs.

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