i have a hot date today with a taurus chick

im nervous. im procrastinating.

a date on sunday day? well the bears suck and the raiders are off today, so why not.

plus i still have that rentacar till tuesday.

so yeah, taurus, only other taurus that i get along with well is karisa and we get along spectacularilly.

yesterday she took me out to lunch at the farmers market, one of my all time favorite places. i had gumbo, greens and cornbread from the gumbo pot. i drank black cherry soda. karisa had a ham and cheese crepe. then we went shopping.

shopping with karisa is always fun. i think she tries to see how much she can embarrass me. so first she took us to body works. she put some lotion on her arm and made me smell it.

does that smell good tony?


she also tries to get me to look at her. so we walked past victoria secrets and she was all, mind popping in here with me for a minute and i got my camera out and said not as long as you dont mind if i document you trying things on for me.

she kept calling these booty panties “little boys underwear” which erases pretty much all the sexiness that the sexy undies had. the ones she wanted cost a lot. i asked her if someone bought them for her from a wishlist if she would wear them. she said as long as they were shipped directly from victoria secrets.

later i wondered if she was afraid that some creepy guy would buy the undergarments, wear them, and then send them to her? chicks. always nuts.

then we went to see if the school of rock was playing. it was, but not till 5 and it was 4:20, so we got the heck out of there and decided to get chocolate shakes.

in-n-out was close by so we went there and walked across the street to the biggest shoe store in the entire world. we took lots of pictures for kristin and karisa even tried on some stripper shoes for me. it was fun. i shoulda bought some shoes.

then we went back to my house, but on the way karisa remembered that she saw my new car. i said what about the hummer and there was an uncomfortable silence and she said, well, it is your birthday. and i said, no, the one we took the picture (pictured) in front of. and she said, no, i found a better car for you.

and we drove down franklin avenue and there it was, a 1979 trans am with an american flag sticker on the bumper.


and we took pictures, got to my place, played grand theft auto 2 and vice city and thought about t-tops.

and now i have to take a shower, drive down to san diego and hang out with a girl i havent kissed in nearly 20 years.

wish me luck!

kitty b + jake + moxie

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