i know the good lord loves me.

He doesnt have to prove it by letting me see the cubs win the world series in my lifetime again. but im very grateful that He is.

He knows i dont have a good job, or a car, or any money.

He knows that the girls who take a number at the gates of the beachhouse cant give me the pure satisfaction of baseball in rocktober at wrigley.

He knows that the marlins aint shit, even with dontrelle, or the speedsters at the top of the order, or pudge, or the senior citizen manager who will always be known as trader jack.

i know He loves me or else He wouldnta let me live to be 109 years old so i could see the fall of the republican party, the drug bust of rush limbaugh, and the return of rock led by my favorite band Tsar.

the last time the cubs won the world series i was 14 years old. tinker to evers to chance.

chance was my favorite.

games cost a penny.

kids got in for a half pence.

kid could get a half pence in ’08 for shining a guys shoes or by watching a guys horse while he got drunk in a saloon or by selling a few newspapers at the corner.

back in the 70s it skyrocketed to 3 bucks to sit in the bleachers. i forgot about that until john cusack reminded us all on tv the other day. and i remember that now so well.

ten bucks and you could get a bleacher seat, a dog, a beer, and still have money left over to chip in for another beer with your buddies or a scorecard or some peanuts.

now the bleacher seats are twenty five bucks.

twenty five bucks to sit on a bench.

and you know what, id pay thirty, and the Lord knows this because He loves me, and i love Him.

these ninety five years havent been so miserable. ’84 was bad, but that was about it. and ’69. but its cool.

the Lord blessed us with harry and jack brickhouse and don kessinger, ron santo, and ernie and billie and sutter and kingman and jose cardenal and ivan dejesus and my buddy jody davis.

He blessed us with ryno and sutcliffe and bull durham and gracey and now with sammy and kerry and mr. mark prior.

and today He is blessing us with the likes of the most interesting cub hurler, senor carlos zambrano.

who points up to the Lord and gives thanks and prays ceaselessly.

just like ive been doing the whole playoffs, and every night, and in this post.

please Lord let the Cubs win tonight at wrigley field.

the closest slice of Heaven next to my true loves arms.


linda + ewan + missed web

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