if you believe the crap they write in the LA Times

this is “L.A.’s most entertaining Web log.”

i kid. i kid cuz i care.

you can see their article here. registration is required or you can type in laexaminer as the user and laexaminer as the password.

came into work today…check that… drove into work today thanks to the transit strike and listened to tony kornheiser laugh cuz life is fine as long as youre not a cub fan. got here. read the email. expected the hammer to come down, but it didnt. it was postponed for a later date.

nothin worse than your boss keeping you waiting before he lays into you.

good thing im a perfect employee who is blameless and never makes a mistake. 🙂

compile your info against me, good people, i will be ready. as suicidal tendencies once screamed, you cant bring me down.

now back to my local page.

they mentioned my name.

69. Howard O.

the dude who wrote the article today about LA “Web logs” interviewed me a week or two ago — time really is lost on me right now since everything has revolved around the playoffs lately — and we talked for what i thought was not long enough, but probably longer than i would have if i was on Letterman.

and then i talked shit about him on this page.

and then he emailed me about it

and i responded in email form, and he responded back.

and in the end he praised me with probably the best compliment one could get.

so thank you, James Verini, of the LA Times. you are a far better man than i.

some of the things ive written about my local paper over the last year or two.

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