la times called me this weekend.

youre always in trouble when the la times calls you and wants to do an article on you, or worst yet, wants to include you in a feature.

scary part was when the reporter said that he was writing an article on bloggers and yet he hadnt really read my blog, then asked if i could describe it.

i dont know much about journalism, but, shouldnt you read a guys blog before you call him up on the phone?

this blog really cant be all that hard to catch up on. i have a lot of pictures.

not so sure the guy understood what i was talking about. i have a feeling “real” journalists look at bloggers as amateur journalists. sort of how pro baseball players look at scrubs in the minor leagues.

so when i told him that i get laid from the blog he said, really? i said, yep. and then he said, really? and i said, dude, yes.

apparently writing for the times doesnt get you hot young fans.

which is why you dont see me rushing out to write for them.

but then he didnt follow up! so many other questions to ask after someone drops that sort of bomb on you. like, ask about what sort of chicks want to meet a blogger.

awesome chicks.

last night miss montreal came over. my computer was at solomons house getting a 200 gig hard drive put in it, 512 mb of ram, and a new athlon processor. say goodbye to 400mhz p2.

this girl has some body, times. booming system up top, etc. gorgeous eyes, soft smooth skin, etc. and yes, i think shes way happier that im a blogger than a quote unquote journalist and that is where the times should have gone with the questioning. he should have asked, why do you think the ladies are interested and i would have said because blogs are tons more exciting than newspapers to young women, because the odds of a hottie getting mentioned in a blog are way higher than getting her name printed in the la times, and odds are the mention in the blog will actually get read by her friends.

but what do i know.

i just know that i wish some reporter would call me who actually knew what the hell im trying to do over here. pc week interviewed me this summer and that guy seemed to really get it, but then when the article came out it was all scattershot and mangled that i didnt even go to the newsstand and get a copy to send to my mom.

it makes me think that i probably wouldnt do that bad of a job if a big time paper or magazine hired me.

i wouldnt mind that as a job one day.

i also wouldnt mind this for my birthday.

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