mariah caught me at the wrong time last night.

i was sad cuz my computer was broken and my dreamweaver was corrupted and i was tired and i really didnt want to have to go to bed early to wake up and get into the xbi in the morning.

she said, come work for me.

i said, nah.

she said, you dont think you could work for me?

i said, no, i dont think i could work for you.

she sighed and agreed. then she asked what she could do to cheer me up and i told her that i always liked it when she would send me pictures of herself and then i remembered that i didnt even have my Outloook working to receive any damn pictures that she would take and i slammed my fist into the bed, dropping my phone accidentally, and, of course, breaking it.

she called me on my cell phone and she could tell that i had been crying.

i was falling apart.

busses were on strike, grocery stores on strike, fires everywhere, cubs…

she said why dont you just hang out with me on tour and write about it.

and i woke up.

it had been a terrible dream.

my phone however was on the floor, broken. my computer kept starting and restarting. and when my cell phone rang, the little display said Mariah.

and here i am at the xbi. dull and early.

my astrology says not to bitch this week, to be thankful.

@#$%ing astrology.

always being right n shit.

david janes + everything is wrong + mallory

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