maybe im just overreacting

about arnold’s dad being a nazi police chief, and about arnold’s unrepentant attitude toward his friendship with nazi war criminal kurt waldheim which included an invitation to his and marias wedding, and now this business about arnold saying on film that he admired adolf hitler who had nazi ties of some sort if i recall.

i think im overreacting because i don’t see any negative reaction from the jewish residents of california. and you’d think if anyone had a problem with a son of a nazi leading the california governors race who invited a nazi war criminal to his wedding and later would praise hitler, it would be gypsies, homosexuals, and the jewish people.

but the only negative reaction i seem to see out there is from me.

and talk about strange bedfellows, but our boy drudge, while doing a beautiful job of not even mentioning rush limbaughs drug scandal on his front page today, sure seems willing to do whatever it takes to make sure his readers are turned off to the austrian muscleman.

could the repubs see arnold in office as more of a disaster for their party in their double edge sword of the coup d’etat of the golden state that theyve so slickly performed before our very eyes?

the party of lincoln is unfortunately better known as the party of nixon and duke and falwell and buchanan nowadays. so is drudge saying that his puppetmasters are not interested in being the party of the son of a nazi who gropes women?

certainly matt drudge understands that the groping part might be, strangely enough, more damaging to the republican party since they just spent the better part of the nineties convincing america that cigar smoking politicians with throbbing libidos are bad and should be impeached.

still, my jewish friends intrigue me. i admire their willingness to forgive, but why accept arnolds $750k? with sincere respect, is that the going price if your dad was a storm trooper and you want to say sorry?

i wouldn’t want his money.

i would want him to say that he denounces all nazi war criminals including the one(s) on his wedding invitation list.

i would want him to quit trying to be cute, and instead of lying and saying that he didn’t remember the things hes said in the past, own up to it and say, yes i did say i admired hitler, it came out wrong, i was just learning english, but listen to me now, the man was a monster and nothing about him is admirable.

instead he says creepy things like “where there’s smoke threes fire.”

if i was republican i would ask him to withdraw from the race

hes a black eye in the making.

and if i was a democrat i would vote for him.

even the towel boy knows the that worst thing for the grand old party right now is the potsmoking husband of a kennedy with absolutely no political experience, closets buldging with skeletons, driveways full of hummers, and a nightmare of a budget and energy crisis awaiting him hungry like a wolf, claiming to be republican.

which might be why the lowblow artist is attacking the poor mans wife.

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