october 31st that is his date of birth

today is my favorite beastie boys birthday.

mr. ad rock turns 103 today.

ive been lucky enough to see most of the beastie boys shows here in LA and in frisco and in santa barbara, going all the way back to the together forever tour back in the licensed to ill tour.

i loved that album, the follow up Pauls Boutique, which is a classic. i loved check your head. i loved Skillz to Pay the Billz.

i loved ill communication.

i loved their videos and still do.

i even loved their instrumental album the In Sound from Way Out. i even gave that to my mom.

im sad that it looks like the beasties have sorta lost their edge.

im sad that they dont think its cool to shake up the budweiser cans and slide all over the stage.

im sad that they just dont decide to put out a jazz record or a full on punk record.

and then come back home to hip hop.

im sad theyre not interested in giving rock an enema.

but im happy that while they were peaking they peaked hard and long.

i heart you ad rock.

you are the king.

happy birthday.

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