sometimes i want to write a post just so i can

link some excellent people at the bottom of the post.

yesterday mr. jason sutter wrote some super nice things about me comparing me to jack kerouac, a guy i tried to get into but never did. still it’s nice to be compared to someone who everyone loves.

and since jason was so nice to me, while i wait for playboy to contact me, i will offer my services to his fine company, the good folks of google + blogger.

i think blogger should have a blog.

weird they dont have one, huh?

i think it should be a lot like what je is doing at Makeout City except it would have pictures that would either be relevant images or screen shots of the blogs being discussed.

it would be a blog about blogs.

sorta like Instapundit but less about law and politics.

lets say a blog was writing about music. not only would i write about that blog’s take, but then i would take that take into a new tangent. same goes about sports. same goes about religion, same goes about life.

the idea would be to write about a dozen blogs a day. then a few times a week have AOL IM interviews with specific bloggers and ask them about their lives and how they put their blogs together.

i think the Blogger Blog should also have guest posts from experts who could give tips on html, photoshop, and writing.

i think the Blogger Blog could inspire other blogs to do things like what the Friday Five does, giving people topics to write about when they dont have any idea but they want to write.

and since google now owns blogger, one of the purposes of the Blogger Blog is to be, in a way, the google of blogs. that would mean that during weird moments like now, the left hand side would have links to LA and San Diego bloggers who are covering the fire. or during, say, the next world series, it could list bloggers from boston and chicago.

the blogger blog in many ways should be the first place that people would go if they wanted a good idea of whats happening on the blogosphere. sure, many blogs already do this, but most bloggers dont have 8 hours a day to take their time and go for it. most bloggers have jobs that keep them from blogging.

typically i would like to spotlight blogs who kick ass at design like my girl over at bluecad, or who end up on tv like my man welch, or who just kick ass in general like mindy who probably doesnt get written about much outside of the cam girl clique, which is sad.

i imagine at some point Blogger will have a blog about blogs, but right now i hate my job and playboy still hasnt sent over a bikiniclad represenative with a contract on a silver platter so i respectfully hereby throw my cubs hat into the ring.

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