truelove: thanks for calling.

truelove: it was so nice waking up to your voice.

truelove: ๐Ÿ™‚

dumbasstony: youre welcome

truelove: i love you.

dumbasstony: awwww

dumbasstony: i love you too!

truelove: happy halloween!

dumbasstony: how did the food turn out?

truelove: good.

truelove: smells good.

dumbasstony: how do you smell?

truelove: nice

dumbasstony: how do you look?

truelove: pretty

truelove: good

truelove: i think i look more like minnie mouse

truelove: than norma jean

truelove: ๐Ÿ™‚

truelove: but it looks ok.

dumbasstony: thats cute

truelove: black and white tight gingam capris

truelove: red sweater

truelove: 40s shoes

truelove: fake eyelashes just on the edges of my eyes

truelove: red lipstick

truelove: hair curled

truelove: with a white bow in my hair.

dumbasstony: very cute

truelove: not too much make up

dumbasstony: heels?

truelove: yeah

truelove: 40s heels

truelove: they are these shoes i bought a while ago.

truelove: heels/maryjane type

truelove: very cute.

truelove: ๐Ÿ™‚

dumbasstony: garters?

dumbasstony: for me?

truelove: hahaha

truelove: no garters my love

truelove: marilyn wore those .. not norma

dumbasstony: you still have time when you come over tonight

truelove: hahaha

truelove: are people dressed up at work?

dumbasstony: yeah, mostly like the gang guys we bust.

dumbasstony: kelly and regis are cracking me up

truelove: good ones?

dumbasstony: they dressed like pam and kid rock

dumbasstony: now theyre dressed as ashton and demi

truelove: hahahaha

truelove: really?

dumbasstony: so good!

truelove: do they look good?

dumbasstony: pro costumers

dumbasstony: i will post some pix hopefully

truelove: cool

dumbasstony: can i post this convo on my thing?

truelove: no

truelove: ๐Ÿ™‚

truelove: if you want

truelove: whatever.

truelove: just a goofy convo

dumbasstony: i love you so

truelove: i love you too.

truelove: very, very much.

dumbasstony: xoxoxoxo

dumbasstony: have fun today

truelove: xoxoxoxox

truelove: you too!

moxie + madpony + this means whore

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