went to the movies before the game

to stop from thinking about it. saw kill bill. now i have a headache. rented a car and they had to drive me to my house to get an electricity bill so that they knew i was legit.

just because i have an electricity bill doesnt make me legit, i told him.

he said he knew who i was but the boss needed an electricity bill since i didnt have a credit card, only a bank check card.

i said you can drive me to my house but all this hassle… i want a break on the car rental.

they gave me a little break.

good car. it will get me to work and back while the mta gets over their strike.

went to kfc, got home, saw the red sox win. chatted with karisa who was stoked, chatted with kristin who just flowed the busblog and told me that sometimes her mom reads this

hi madpony mom

i think both of your daughters are great but im deeply in lust with kristin

lust in a nice way

a sweet way.

i hope my foul language at times and my stories dont offend you, im just trying to give the kids what they want.

and after seeing kill bill, i dont know why people get mad at me for talking about some of the violent moments that happen in the xbi.

while kristin and i were chatting kerry wood gave up three runs in the first inning and i said a swear word and told her i was going to have to lie down and watch the game.

she said why

i said cuz i might cry.

she said oh baby.

then i realized i didnt have my lucky shirt on or my lucky hat.

so i put those on, and the cubs scored a run, and then kerry wood got up and hit a homer.

now we’re all tied up at three all.

i think we’re going to go to the world series, mrs pony.

and i think boston is gonna come with us.

which means me and karisa will be going to chicago.

lets hope.

better yet, lets pray.

<3 madpony <3

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