yes, the dude, the alleged “fan” with the marlins sweatshirt underneath his hoodie

crewed up everything, but i also had nothing going right at my place.

i had people over and all our phones were ringing.

everyone i know was calling and we were watching the thing on tivo and people were saying all the wrong things.

just dont say anything.

dont call.

this dude has to call me tonight and thats gonna suck cuz i would really like to unplug the phone but when youre xbi your phone can never be unplugged.

we save the world.

it sucks.

being home in the day is weird. ive been listening to the sports talk radio shows this morning while generally freaking out. talked to work about four times.

im nervous about tonights game and i just want to go somewhere and watch a movie for a couple of hours but thats right theres a transit strike going on. i cant go to manns chinese and see kill bill.

it is screening in walking distance, but not till two. which means i will miss the red sox game.

but maybe that will give them luck.

i hope the red sox know they can beat the yankees. they can.

and i hope sammy sosa knows that it would be ok for him to hit a few moonshots tonight.

i got a beautiful email from an elementary school teacher who said she flowed me ten bucks and told her fellow teacher to donate too, and does it get any better than that?

well, yes, yes it does.

kerry wood could shut out the damn fish and sammy could hit like four grand slams.

the rum, by the way, woke me up this morning tapping at my shoulder, unscrewing its own cap and motioning that it would like to dive down my throat.

i was in no condition to argue with anybody at that hour.

aaron + abigail + megan all flowed bringing the total to $392 which is good because the ebay dude auctioning the tickets relisted his auction late yesterday and it looks like it will indeed cost two grand to sit in the bleachers.

much love to doug and jack for their extra special efforts.

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