Dear Tony,

My name is Anna Kournikova. I am writing you from Thailand.

Sabai dee reu?

Tony, I read your web-log a LOT.

I see you writing about me. I think it’s cute. Thank you for all the compliments that you say about me.

I am in Pattaya today. It’s really beautiful here. It’s warm, the people are so very friendly. The food is delicious, and it’s quite inexpensive.

You seem to like pretty girls. There are many pretty girls here in this beautiful country.

Sometimes I discover something that you’ve written and I think wow, this guy is great.

I only have a few minutes here in this Internet Caffe, so let me say this to you Tony Pierce, kop koon for being my fan, I am your fan too.

My husband also reads your print-outs and he laughs at you. I see you writing him insults, but we know you only say that for sport.

You’re very clever.

OK, would you like to hear my favorite Thai phrase? I’m slow at learning them. Ready?

Krai kai kai kai?

You’ll never guess what that means.

It means, “who sells the chicken eggs?” That’s what they tell me. They might be pulling my leg.

Laew phob gan mai, Tony,



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