when you’re 110 like i am

sometimes people want to hook you up with people youre own age.

i met charlotte (pictured) the other day at the glenellen senior suites and villas the other day when i was traveling through north lima, ohio. and she looked pretty good.

sunday she will turn 114.

some say she is the oldest person in the world.

she asked me if i could give her a pearl necklace and i was all, i love taking requests.

so i gave her one.


old lady jokes are tough but what isnt tough these days.

my lady friend from last night was waiting for me to get out of the shower and off the phone and she saw an instant message pop up on my laptop, so she answered it.

the chick was the web cam girl from the other night and the lady friend entered into a dialogue with her.

it was pretty hot.

i tried to retrieve it from my cache but this is all i could nab:

missmontreal: you really are gorgeous, and I am not saying that in a hitting on you way

cambabe: Well, I’m hitting on you.

people think that i would get jealous, but it takes a lot to get be jealous.

how could i be jealous? two hot chicks getting into each other? what if one made the other leave me for the one? whatev.

theres so much lust in the world, but so little true love, if two hearts meet via my lil IM window, then so be it.

hopefully they’ll invite me to their lesbian wedding.

its friday america. the day of rock. its sunny today and not that cold, but i bet theres still some slush in the hood, so thats good.

the boss is getting us some pizza for lunch. the ladies are asking me what im doing this weekend, i know what theyre trying to do, theyre trying to get me to ask them in return, but i play dumb and go, not much, writing a novel, writing a blook, staying up late, a lone, waking up early


the mta says that they will open up some bus service on monday on vermont and wilshire which happens to be my route.

the world is crazy.

remember to dance.

thats what charlotte taught me.

last night was super rad.

i want to thank virginia for inviting me on her sweet ass radio show. i had such a great time. she is such a good host. i felt very comfortable.

we talked about sex drugs rock drinking college life blogging chicago joliet the cubs california greg mcilvane bil clinton maryland crabbing college radio we even said a few curse words cuz we could.

then i prepared to make my big time announcement and her studio audience made trumpet sounds and i told her and everyone listening on the internet and all the ships at sea that yes i would come out with a sequel to last years best seller, Blook,

and it will be called Blook II: For Your Ass.

and man, did people go crazy.

the girl i was with went crazy, the neighbors started yelling, dogs started barking, people came over and knocked on my door, spotlights got turned on and began moving around, fireworks exploded, elephants stomped, midgets flung confetti,

i even think i heard a twenty one gun salute.

it was so awesome being on the radio last night that it really made me want to get an internet radio show, it really made me want to do something with my life, it really made want to dance around my apartment, which i did. and my lady friend laughed.

then my true love called me and i needed to shower because my lady friend was smiling but you could tell

so i went into the shower and my truest was crying, so i took my shower while on the phone and america its easier than i thought it would be. i just didnt wash my hair.

then ashley called wondering if something on my blog was true and i was all, ashley, come on now.

and she was like, it just sounds like you replaced me so fast, all these girls, all everything.

and i was all, nobody could replace you ashley.

and then jeanine called telling me about axel’s birthday.

and then my lady friend rang her little bell which meant it was time for the smoke machine and the black light.

and the jello

and the aerosmith.

blook 2 will be on sale, next week, here on the busblog, just in time for Christmas.

for your ass

virginia celebrates her blog turning 2! + greg mcilvane’s video called Virginia + pull a tony