did you know that tsar is playing tonight?

at the silverlake lounge? right there on sunset? for free?

im not sure if i will be able to make it since i apparently have a Blook to put out, for your asses.

thank you for the nice feedback and emails and phone calls.

my advisor called me and said, are you kidding? there has to be a Blook II! what would william carlos williams do?

and, as always, she was right. thats why i always listen to her.

Breaking Busblog News

the MTA strike is now over!

according to NBC LA channel 4, some of the busses will return tonight, and the subways and the rest of the busses will return to service in the morning.

to my buddy Ben, and to my pal Liana and everyone who has picked me up hitchhiking, I thank you.

so much.

and MTA if you ever strike again, I will let the air out of your tires.

and i will put graffiti on your seat cushions.

meanwhile Britney finally got her much deserved hollywood walk of fame star.

our petitions have paid off america!

mine said, Dont Let Britney Live to be 22 without a Tsar.

i meant Star but you know about my typing problems.

in other news our new governor got sworn in.

and in other news i got 900 pieces of spam into my inbox while i slept last night.

p.s. i still hate my job.

pps. this just in from the florida orange grower girl who went to see britney get her star

modelbabe: I am sore today

modelbabe: by the way!

modelbabe: a black guy tried to pick up on me when I was watching Britney

modelbabe: he asked me if I was J Lo’s sister

modelbabe: I just kept looking away

modelbabe: then he said, “what? you got a problem with brothers?

modelbabe: and I said, “no, I didn’t have problem with one last night”

dumbme: nice!

modelbabe: and he said….awwww, so thats how it is, the another brother got to you first

modelbabe: he also asked me if I was mixed with black

modelbabe: I said, only at night

then she took a few more pics of britney getting her star

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