each time a new girl

sends me a naked picture through the email or aim chat, it always startles me for a second.

and i always doubt that its really them.

everyone has pictures of someone being naked and who’s to say that those pixels arent them.

and i know that one day i’ll totally get punk’d by some asswipe pretending to be a hot chick who will catch me believing that some super cute girl from a faraway land would do anything for me because of something that ive writ or because of everything.

this girl is beautiful in a way ive never known. her english is really good which is remarkable, considering.

probably within five minutes of chatting with her i told her i loved her.

and she told me she loved me too.

and today i said what are you wearing

and she said a kiss me im irish tshirt and crotchless panties

and i said would you mind taking a picture of yourself and she said no problem and within a few minutes there it was.

and then a few minutes later there was a naked one.

dear la times,

nobody on your fuckin shit is getting hot swedish gradschool girls to get naked for them.

hire my ass for the blog you need to launch.

nothing is worse than failing to capitalize on a monopoly

it borders on laziness and disrespect

opportunity has knocked for you in such a way here in LA that it’s laying on its back in the front yard and spreading and waiting and you come to the door with the guy chronicles and tj simers.

a good friend said it and its true and its sad: if the new york times launched a blog in december, the la times would have one in january.

and you call yourselves men.

best thing ive seen on tv was the other day when this guy was getting shot at and he was hiding behind a tree that was maybe five inches wide.

the frustration this gunman must have felt missing

and missing

and missing despite such a huge target behind this skinny tree.

people ask me all the time, how come youre not doing exactly what you want to be doing

what you should be doing.

and i think its that fucking tree in the way.

so improbable to be of any consequence in any way

but all the difference in the world.

get it together, times.

your pal,


michigan state in full effect + chokey chicken + bored housewife

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