i can be gross.

the longer you get to know me the more you get to see how gross i can be.

im sure it’s quite a thrill.

the best way to deal with it is to do like my true love does, and just play along.

i remember this story about hunter s. thompson. that someone asked him to sign his classic Fear & Loathing and hunter took the man’s book, went around to the back of the house, and shot it with his pistol.

so when my intern told me that she had compiled the best 200 pages of the busblog’s second year for me to edit, rework, and pare down to 125 pages, i told her thank you for helping out with blook two.

and when she asked if i would autograph it i thought of the good doctor and asked her if she would like a special signature.

thankfully, she declined.

From: your intern

Subject: hi, jonas

To: dumbyou@tonypierce.com

hi mister pierce!!

ok, so it’s done. it’s 2:30 a.m. which by college girl standards is technically friday night, so here you are.

i hope you are happy with the entries i’ve picked out because i really gave them a lot of thought, maybe even more than necessary.

i started with the august 7 2002 post which was a perfect beginning and ended with august 8 2003 bcz that is the date you got published on the fox sports site, it seemed like a great ending for blook 2 to me.

there are 199.5 pages and it was quite hard to cut it down to that but i did my very best for you, tony pierce, because i adored the busblog ever since the first email i sent you wanting to be your intern.

i can’t wait to get my very own autographed, free (and cum-free, but thanks for offering) copy!

i think i did a pretty good go-over check-through but let me know if you need anything else, i will be mondo busy this weekend but available at the middle of next week for minor changes, etc.

you love me?


your devoted intern

that broken girl + perfect gallows + leah

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