i dont know what it is

but i like the counterculture. the punk rock undercurrent. the against the grain subsector.

youd think id dress differently, but nah. im not that cool.

today is buy nothing day. im not sure why youre not supposed to buy nothing but i think it has something to do with the fact that today is the biggest shopping day of the year.

and about fucking up the program.

interestingly, this year i actually have something that im selling, and buy nothing day makes me wonder if im trying to sell so many that i get rich, or am i simply trying to offer something cool to people?

either way, i dont plan on buying anything today.

radio shack had dvd players for $49 with $20 rebates, but generally you get what you pay for, especially there.

when shack is part of your name shit better cost $29 after rebate.

i watched the hot chick this morning on my tivo. i laughed out loud about eight times. maybe nine.

why didnt the media tell me the hot chick was funny?

damn media.

all the things you people say drudge tells you, did he ever tell you that the hot chick was pretty good?

what about andrew sullivan?

for years i wondered why the busblog was relatively popular, and now im starting to figure out why.

cuz those losers you allegedly read dont tell you anything, really.

dont read drudge today day.

g-man + adbusters + the fat guy

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