man did the fit hit the shan today.

karisa we broke something so wide open, and all by accident. it is nuts.

i dont know how much blogging im going to be able to do today cuz the can of worms is a big can and theres lots of worms.

and its just as gross.


please someone hire me. soon. please.

pretty please.

you know youre in the wrong job when, after you do a good job, a great job even, that you dont want anything to do with any of it.

imagine being a great bank robber and not wanting any of the booty.

its sorta like that. except im a helicopter pilot who fights crime and keeps the city safe for the good people of los angeles.

im writing my novel again, fyi.

a super hot girl sent me four topless pictures of herself. same girl who sent me the one the other day. i told her that for each picture she sent i would write one page of my novel.

so i wrote. it only took 45 minutes, and i still took a few smoke breaks. and i knocked out 4 pages no problem, and it was good, i think. and its cuz of her. so thank you mysterious exhibitionist from whereever youre from.

you either helped inspire something that will go down as the sun also rises of a new generation, or the hustler of novels.

for the record, im not enjoying writing this novel.

its really hard. im sure i will fail. im sure it wont be fun to read. im sure your opinion of me will change, but i do want to finish what i have started because i have a bad habit of starting projects and not finishing them and karisa is one of my heroes because she almost always finishes what she starts.

in her only marathon appearance, the LA Marathon a few years back, she tore her quad muscle on mile 25 and still finished it, bloody toes, cramped muscles and ripped ones. she had to finish.

i want to feel that way about things, but i dont even finish my baja burrito half the time, and that girl will not only finish her meal, but she will eat the ice, every cube, from her dr. pepper.

karisa called me today from mass. she was at a bachelorette party last night and she fell off her barstool.

whats cuter than that?

terrible beauty + spit circle + perotheus

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