my first answering machine audio

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so my man noah emailed me yesterday to tell me that my first audblog post had reached #40 on popdex.

today it’s still climbing at #36.

is there really nothing more interesting on the web?

this is my first answering machine message audio post.

not only do you get to hear kristin from madpony, allison from meltingdolls, but you get os calling long distance from france and not one, not two, but three messages from karisa.

and of course, it all starts with ashley

1. ashley “answer your phone”

2. karisa and kerrie driving to hardwick “we got a fucking suite for the wedding tomorrow.”

3. kristin, “i was calling to say hi and i have a question…”

4. os “i’m calling from paris to say go cubs.”

5. liz and karisa at 3am “call us back, we love you…”

6. karisa and liz at 4:30am “we’re just bored and calling you…”

7. allison “bye.”

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